Nothing obviously Rains-related in AM database

Nothing in there jumps out as being from Rains county.  But there were some interesting things.

Here are alleged linecounts (ie, number of emails) from various alleged searches on only the domain name section of alleged emails in the alleged AM database:

 1446 school
 1348 k12
  248 police
  219 cityof
  160 catholic
  120 church
   96 christian
   42 atheist
   40 baptist
   29 methodist
   19 lutheran
   14 muslim
   14 liberal
   11 jewish
   10 republican
    9 ministry
    8 islam
    7 democrat
    4 diocese
    3 libertarian
    3 conservative
    2 elementary
    0 synagogue
    0 churchofchrist


Yes, there are caveats.  The emails were not verified.  Not all “cityof” domains will be “City Of”, etc.  No attempt to hold percentages steady by population.