rtorrent v. aria2c

I have more ability than I have money, so one of the ways I’ve contributed to open source projects like Linux distros is by seeding linux ISO torrents.

In the past I chose rtorrent because of its small footprint and terminal UI.  But development seems to have hit a wall and folks are sniffing around for a lightweight replacement.  That’s how I heard about Aria2.

I was immediately skeptical but have found it useful for short-term seeding and for downloading entire torrents.  It also allows you to automatically add additional trackers in the config, which I haven’t found in rTorrent.  It also handles other protocols like ftp, http, etc.

rTorrent remains the winner in my book for longer-term seeding and downloading selected files in torrents.

Here is a sample of what a browser-based frontend for aria2 looks like, with downloads in various stages of completion:



That one is YAAW;  very clean and light.  I’ve also used webui-aria2 but it consumes more CPU cycles with needless animation.


dinking around with the Gy6

A couple of interesting developments.  Got a refund from Dairyland insurance when they combined the scooter liability with my road bike’s full coverage.  The NC by itself was $400/yr and after adding the scooter the combined annual premium it dropped about $20.  I guess having a cheap 2nd machine dilutes their risk on the road bike.

Turbo fan test:  I did a test route then tested the heat at the valve cover (it was accessible) with the ‘turbo’ fan.  Average 156F in a few different spots.  I did some other stuff, swapped back to the OEM fan and tested:  158F average.  So too close to see a difference with my unscientfic method.  I’m calling it a wash for now.

Did a couple of roller weight test runs and noted RPM:
12g sliders from before = 4.5K  WOT
test kit average 10g rollers = 5k  WOT
test kit average 8g rollers = 6k  WOT
test kit average 6.5g rollers = 6k  WOT <— interesting

I assume the RPM should have gone up with the 6.5, but maybe my machine is not running optimally (fuel/air?) or something else keeping it from going over 6k.  Pickup is noticeably stronger at 6k.

I also installed the new keyset.  Ignition was trivial, the glovebox was a pain to get to.  I can’t get the seat release to pull far enough yet;  might have to tweak the bracket.

SH34 NB @ SH276: drivers cross double yellow

I got tired of dodging vehicles that were, in effect, driving the wrong way in the left turn lane at this location.  The center turn lane is doublestriped to keep SB traffic out while NB traffic queues up to turn WB on SH276.

So Friday after arriving at work I pulled the most recent example, annotated it, and posted it to YouTube:

I emailed the TxDOT boss for Greenville to give him a head’s up a sign or something might be needed for driver awareness.  Maybe it’s really an enforcement thing for Sheriff Meeks, but we’ll find out.

I was completely unsurprised when it happened again Continue reading

same rules for everyone

[Las Vegas] Officer Eugen Holm retired yesterday in lieu of being fired. This was confirmed by an internal affairs investigator this morning.

Officer Holm was facing Internal Affairs charges for: (1) Not reporting an accident (Metro Policy Manual 5/103.29), (2) Wrongful interaction with the public (for being discourteous and rude, Metro Policy Manual 4/102.12), and (3) Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (intimidation, Civil Service Rule 510-2). All charges were “SUSTAINED”.

Anyone can have a wreck.  That’s not the issue.

The issue is hitting someone then not checking to see if they are ok.  And then badge-and-gun backed bullying them even though you were at fault.

If an open carrying citizen rear-ended a bike cop and started getting aggressive like that there’d likely be some “feared for my life” and one dead citizen.

I suggest that there was very little Service or Protection going on for the citizen’s tax dollars.



Scooter back on track

Last time I posted (3 weeks ago?!?!?!) I needed to install headlights to get the little machine inspected and thus registered.

In which I test the headlights

I got the headlights in and installed them but couldn’t test as I’d lost the sole key.  😦  Eventually I realized I could pull the ignition switch out and hotwire it to run the bike and test the lights.

That worked and the lights were fine.  So I headed off toward Emory for Continue reading

a longer test run

Today I put fresh gas in the Chinascoot (gas gauge works, yay!) and took it out for a backroad run of a few miles.  Some smooth oiltop, some rougher oiltop, some dirt, some gravel.  The gravel wasn’t as much fun.

It was a good ride.  The odometer worked.  When I was trundling around slowly with neutral throttle at 15-20mph the revs dropped down to around 2500.  Under max load it it was 4500-5000.  I liked the CVT’s adjustments and may just leave it there.

I got it up to an indicated 55mph.  The variator must have been topped out because rpm finally climbed to 6000 at that top speed.  I could get a little more in that straight but just after 55mph the chassis started to feel unsettled/squirrely so I backed down.  It could have been the uneven road surface but I didn’t want to go any faster.

The tires on this thing are kind of a sporty low-profile look.  It makes for odd feedback on cambered surfaces.  When I replace the tires I might go for a more traditional round tire profile.  I had a similar issue on my street bike;  the OEM rear had a shape that made the bike want to “fall in” on cambers/turns.  When I replaced the rear with a Continental Motion that tendency went away completely.

Working on headlights tomorrow. Bulbs just cheap and blown?  Voltage too high due to failing R/R?  I think headlights are the only thing left before inspection and registration.

first test ride of the gy6

I was sick today and came home early.  The sliders (variator weights) had come in the mail but I was in no condition to mess with it.  Drank a boatload of water, slept several hours  and started feeling human again around 11pm.

So where are those CVT parts?  🙂

I got the sliders in 13g because the stock rollers were 13g. Since I hear you are supposed to go up +1g with sliders I figured it would be an incremental net lightening.

I dropped the generic eBay weights (“ForExtreme”, $14 shipped) into the cleaned-up variator.

Put some air in the tires, cranked it up on whatever gas was still in the tank from god-knows-when the P.O. put it there. 🙂 and took it for the first test ride.

Motor seems seems strong and willing. I’ve never ridden a 150cc scoot before and the acceration was surprising. Idle is too low. Ran it up to indicated 50mph which I figured was a reasonable cruising speed.  Turned it around and parked for the night.

CVT is smooth and holds a steady indicated 4k rpm on the dash tach under load and readjusts appropriately at neutral throttle and decel. The wikipedia page suggests the max HP is at 7k so if the tach is correct there is plenty of headroom. I’ll leave slider weight where it is while I learn how the rescued beast likes to run. After that it sounds like I could lighten them up. I’m not chasing performance though.  It’s for around the village and bopping around.