Karting in Caddo Mills

Denise and I spent a couple of hours at the Dallas Karting Complex today.

The temp was in the mid-90s at the time but the real heat came from the workout.  We did two 5-lap sessions and I was beat.  Those little carts can pull some Gs in the corners.

It took a while to trust the carts but about halfway though the second session I started to believe.  🙂  We’ve got 6 more sessions to go but we may wait for a cool front later on.



sitting by the fire

 photo 20160224_195744_zps3gtlla3h.jpg

Wednesday night in Point, Tx.

Weather was chilly-perfect.  I’d gathered up fallen limbs that had been knocked down by the past few storms and finally lit them off.  Stared at the fire and thought, and didn’t think.  Depending.

Took a while to burn and I watched it.  Not much happened except every so often a piece would break, or roll. Or a tuft of grass would burn for a bit then go out.

I guess I’m an odd bird — I don’t get bored and I don’t get lonely.  I can go days without talking to anyone (dogs don’t count) and not really notice.  Admittedly there are shortcomings to this approach but I find them preferable to noise and chaos.



fidget quilts for dementia patients

I follow a blog called Refashionista. I’m interested in it because the author buys clothes from thrift shops and remakes them. I don’t particularly care about the stuff she makes but I am interested in re-use/repurposing and her sewing techniques.  I know this comes as a surprise to those who know me as a fashion expert and clotheshorse.  😛

Anyhow, a recent blog post was about fidget quilts for dementia patients;  it was something I’d have never thought of but seems like a great idea once you hear of it.