Texas Senate Bill 1588: eliminate vehicle inspections

Texas is one of the minority of states still requiring annual inspections.  I believe that safety inspections are a money grab hidden behind a fig leaf of “public safety”.  Having said that, Continue reading


sitting by the fire

 photo 20160224_195744_zps3gtlla3h.jpg

Wednesday night in Point, Tx.

Weather was chilly-perfect.  I’d gathered up fallen limbs that had been knocked down by the past few storms and finally lit them off.  Stared at the fire and thought, and didn’t think.  Depending.

Took a while to burn and I watched it.  Not much happened except every so often a piece would break, or roll. Or a tuft of grass would burn for a bit then go out.

I guess I’m an odd bird — I don’t get bored and I don’t get lonely.  I can go days without talking to anyone (dogs don’t count) and not really notice.  Admittedly there are shortcomings to this approach but I find them preferable to noise and chaos.



Unintended consequenses of open carry

I haven’t seen anyone OC yet and I don’t intend to do so myself anytime soon.  But there has been an unforeseen (to me at least)  repercussion against concealed carry.

I’ve been a member of the Texas 30.06 website for years. People note where they see legal 30.06 postings so CHL folks can avoid them or disarm before entering.  New postings result in email to forum members.

It’s been about 1/week for years for the Dallas area.  Now it’s a deluge since 30.07 postings are there too.  But here’s the side effect:  lots of the new OC probibitions are accompanied by CHL prohibitions.  I think the thinking is “as long as I’ve got to put one big ugly sign up I might as well put up the other one.

I fully support the rights of business owners to post both prohibitions;  I’ll take my money elsewhere.  I guess we will see over time if OC is good / bad / neutral for CHL.