1.  do not initiate violence
  2. this applies to everyone


My thoughts on a list of banished words.


CBC Quirks and Quirks did an interesting episode on “so”.  Turns out it was used mainly by experts when answering questions from laymen.  The implication was the expert was pivoting to answer a question that was naively reductive or malformed.  Cf. the mu answer.

Now when I hear “so” used to begin an answer it causes me to stop and reflect on the question.


I suspect this is a superficial but ultimately positive response to the Cluetrain Manifesto‘s dictum that “markets are conversations”.  Baby steps.


Understatement commonly used when one needs to point out, discretely, the idiocy of the HPPO (highest paid person’s opinion).


The article says “A word that has expanded from describing someone who may actually have a stake in a situation or problem, now being over-used in business to describe customers and others.”.  (emphasis added)

On what planet is the customer NOT a stakeholder?  The customer is integral to any market transaction.  The customer is not a disposable non-entity.  See Cluetrain Manifesto above.

Price point

Another example of using two words when one will do.”

No.  It may be misused that way by salesdroids but it really means something.  It is a meta-reference to price.

$89.13 is a price.

$145 is a price.

$100 could be a price but is more likely a price point, a psychological reference point with outsized importance.  Related:  why do we care about the 4 minute mile?  Is it fundamentally different than the 3:59 mile, the 4:01 mile, or the 2:48 kilometer?

I don’t take issue with the other words on the list.





pull your bright kid out of normal schools

Ahmed Mohamed swept up, ‘hoax bomb’ charges swept away as Irving teen’s story floods social media

The way to avoid this kind of BS is to put your kid in magnet/private schools where they will be encouraged and supported rather than arrested.

Normal teachers and normal schools are not equipped to deal with the challenges (and victories) gifted students present. I know this from both sides of the classroom desk.  And a subset of “normal” kids will bully your gifted kid.  Do you want that?

Fear has made us automatically suspect people who can actually make things with their minds and hands.  “Gotta be a hacker!  Gotta be a criminal!  Gotta be a terrorist!”

Example:  the word “hacker” doesn’t mean what the uninformed public thinks it means.  A “hack” is a clever solution to a problem, particularly a solution that requires a deep understanding of the thing to be hacked.  A hack improves the product for some particular use.  A “hacker” is one who hacks.  That’s it.  Does your kid disassemble stuff, change it, and reassemble it?  Do you modify off-the-shelf items to make them fit your needs better?  Congratulations, hacker.   I hope the police don’t come to  your house, kitted out in black paramilitary gear and driving military surplus vehicles, shooting your dog.

Nothing obviously Rains-related in AM database

Nothing in there jumps out as being from Rains county.  But there were some interesting things.

Here are alleged linecounts (ie, number of emails) from various alleged searches on only the domain name section of alleged emails in the alleged AM database:

 1446 school
 1348 k12
  248 police
  219 cityof
  160 catholic
  120 church
   96 christian
   42 atheist
   40 baptist
   29 methodist
   19 lutheran
   14 muslim
   14 liberal
   11 jewish
   10 republican
    9 ministry
    8 islam
    7 democrat
    4 diocese
    3 libertarian
    3 conservative
    2 elementary
    0 synagogue
    0 churchofchrist


Yes, there are caveats.  The emails were not verified.  Not all “cityof” domains will be “City Of”, etc.  No attempt to hold percentages steady by population.