I have decided my contribution to posterity will be bacon fried rice:
 photo 20160610_083015_zpsryyzebxn.jpg

Like pork friend rice but with a smokier richness.




backyard rabbit

Got home after a mandatory meeting in Mesquite (grrrrr) and saw a varmint eyeballing my chickens.  This particular animal was one of a pack of 5 that killed one of my flocks last year.

I walked into the house quietly and got the Silent Varmintizer, a Benjamin Trail NP .22 airgun. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve

I spent the first half of the day with my Talented & Lovely Girlfriend.  Our project for the day was making a Brazilian cheese bread called Pao de Queijo.  Nom nom nom.  Our batch made 72 of them;  we made a reference 28g doughball with aid of the gram scale.

She had to be elsewhere this evening so the both of us are resting and reading on the respective Kindles.  I’ve been sick for a few days (including a missed day of work) so a quiet night is probably best.

The extent of my NYE wildness is I made 500ml of Japanese gen mai cha, a green tea with roasted rice.  My understanding was that it was a traditional peasant/farmer tea, since the rice adjunct made it less expensive.  It is my favorite kind of tea although not easy to find.  I bought a couple pounds from an Asian market when I lived in Richardson where such things were more common.




Tour of Point: Express Donuts

I watched this space with hungry eyes. I don’t eat many donuts but I do get a craving from time to time.  What I do eat is breakfast tacos, croissants, and sausage biscuits.

I stopped in one morning on the way to work to stop in on their Day 5.  Tony (I think that’s his name) manned the front and handled the transaction.  Of particular interest was the matchbook-sized card scanner he plugged into the iPhone to scan my debit card.  It worked fine and didn’t require a traditional swiper which would probably also require a dedicated phone line.

I’ll visit again soon to see how they get the first-week kinks figured out.  Good luck, Tony!  I really want to keep a donut store here in town.