Productive spring weekend


Got to spend some time with Epic Girlfriend Denise. Burned two small brushpiles, dragging them onto the last remnants of that giant mulberry stump.
Visited with Dad and Joseph; they stopped by to Continue reading


torture device

Snagged it used off craigslist from a fellow a couple miles southwest of Point. 2hrs to disassemble and about 3 to reassemble; I only tore it down far enough to get it transported.

I went a bit over my $100 target on this one but it has a leg press which has been hard to find on the used market.

A couple of years back my physician advised I “wasn’t getting any younger” and it’s time to start getting in better shape.  I started with a few garage sale free weights and a treadmill for cardio.   Overall I’ve been pretty disciplined although I stumbled a bit after the move.