I am jason carr and I blog here as fieldmouse.

Rains County, early 70s

living in Point, early 70s

I was born in Dallas but but by the early 70s my parents bought a plot of land on CR4520.  We moved a trailer out there and I attended Mrs. Williams’ 1st grade at the Rains County school (now the middle school if I understand correctly.

We moved back to the metroplex but retained the land.  At some point in the 80s when I was away in the Army my parents bought a house within the city limits on FM514.  I returned from the Army and moved a trailer out to the land on 4520 with my wife (also a soldier) and our daughter.  Later we moved to a house in Lone Oak while I attended (what was then) ETSU.  After the divorce I came back to the trailer and got my head together.  Solitude and silence broken only by the sound of cows snorting and walking around at dusk while I cooked outdoors over oak coals.

After graduating from ETSU (history, philosophy) I moved back to the metroplex, started a small business, taught technical classes, and attended graduate school at UTA (history).   I spent the next 20 years there, returning to Point in 2014.

My father, the finest man I know, lives right up the road in Emory and I am pleased to spend more time with him.


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