I have decided my contribution to posterity will be bacon fried rice:
 photo 20160610_083015_zpsryyzebxn.jpg

Like pork friend rice but with a smokier richness.




2 thoughts on “posterity

    • I made white rice the night before and refrigerated it. I hear the resting period is supposed to be important. Let it come back to room temp while I baked the bacon in the oven. 300f for abotu 20 mins to render off a ton of fat, then 400f for maybe 15mins for crisping. Drained on Rains County Leader. 🙂

      Ripped a carbon steel wok over high heat, spiralled in some oil. Threw in some julienned onions and browned them. Dumped rice over them, and worked the rice over that high heat.

      When the rice was starting to think about scorching I opened up a spot in the middle of the wok and dumped in a couple of stirred up eggs. Scrambled them until about half the moisture was gone then worked the the rice back in.

      Added in chopped bacon, splash of soy (maybe 2 TBS). At least that’s how I did this one.

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