rtorrent v. aria2c

I have more ability than I have money, so one of the ways I’ve contributed to open source projects like Linux distros is by seeding linux ISO torrents.

In the past I chose rtorrent because of its small footprint and terminal UI.  But development seems to have hit a wall and folks are sniffing around for a lightweight replacement.  That’s how I heard about Aria2.

I was immediately skeptical but have found it useful for short-term seeding and for downloading entire torrents.  It also allows you to automatically add additional trackers in the config, which I haven’t found in rTorrent.  It also handles other protocols like ftp, http, etc.

rTorrent remains the winner in my book for longer-term seeding and downloading selected files in torrents.

Here is a sample of what a browser-based frontend for aria2 looks like, with downloads in various stages of completion:



That one is YAAW;  very clean and light.  I’ve also used webui-aria2 but it consumes more CPU cycles with needless animation.


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