x11vnc v. x0vncserver

I use a VNC server to access the GUI when an SSH terminal session doesn’t suffice.

Under Debian I’d been using x11vnc but it has been unstable under Arch.  Frequent buffer crashes, particularly when the whole screen changes or I right- or middle-click the mouse.  Annoying, and I hadn’t had any luck fixing it.

I have some interest in playing with FreeNX/NoMachine, but I haven’t found a portable Win* binary.

So I went back and took another pass at tigervnc, a tightvnc fork,  whose server binary on *nix is called x0vncserver.  The command line args are a bit different so I had to (gasp) read the man pages.

It was worth it.  the TigerVNC server is significantly faster than x11vnc.  I don’t have to run the blotchy 64-color palette to have decent response over my slow upload “broadband” ssh tunnel.  And no crashes no matter how I stress test it.


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