NC chain maintenance

I’d been hearing a bit of chain slap in the last week so checked the slack on the NC700x’s chain this morning.

It was out of spec so I reset it to the smaller end of the proper 30-40mm value. Relubed with a spray chain wax.  Won’t know if it quietens down until I commute in.

I used my two current favorite Harbor Freight tools:  the digital torque head (@ 70#, $30) and the 25″ breaker bar ($10 on sale).  The breaker bar is looks like something from the 1930s since it’s just steel with no fancy/comfy grip.  Works great.

The bike has ~13k on it so I should probably start looking for replacement chain and sprockets.  This will give me an excuse to go up one tooth on the front sprocket for lower highway RPM since so much of my riding is in 6th gear.



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