first grocery run

Admittedly not much of a grocery run (one bag from Dollar General) but the bag holding thingy worked great.  The bag[s] sits on the floorboard between your feet:
 photo 0338e5a9-ca68-4d65-8166-a2c860d49567_zpsus5a24o8.jpg

I took the temporary test rollers out of the CVT and put the 13g sliders back in until the 8g ones come in.

Based on my testing I’d like to get WOT RPM in the 6-6.5K range and preferably the higher end of that range.

Max HP on the 157QMJ 150cc gy6 variant is usually given as “8.6 hp (6.4 kW) at 7,000 rpm”.  The engines are said to be significantly understressed hence the low power output & famous longevity.


I also swapped out the trouble-prone vacuum fuel petcock for a manual one.  This Briggs & Stratton inline valve is a common swap:



After the install I ran it for a few miles as a reality check. Practiced  low speed maneuvers, tight turns, hard braking, etc.  One would think the low speed work would be much simpler due to low weight and very low CG and that part is true.  But the centrifugal clutch takes away a bit of control in those coasting slow, stopping, and then accelerating sequences.  I am learning to give more throttle and give it earlier to make up for the lag of the shoes engaging.  Once the clutch engages and the CVT is in its lowest “gear” there is no issue.  It will trundle around at 1 mph or whatever.

It was a good ride.  I don’t know why scooters are so much fun.


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