dinking around with the Gy6

A couple of interesting developments.  Got a refund from Dairyland insurance when they combined the scooter liability with my road bike’s full coverage.  The NC by itself was $400/yr and after adding the scooter the combined annual premium it dropped about $20.  I guess having a cheap 2nd machine dilutes their risk on the road bike.

Turbo fan test:  I did a test route then tested the heat at the valve cover (it was accessible) with the ‘turbo’ fan.  Average 156F in a few different spots.  I did some other stuff, swapped back to the OEM fan and tested:  158F average.  So too close to see a difference with my unscientfic method.  I’m calling it a wash for now.

Did a couple of roller weight test runs and noted RPM:
12g sliders from before = 4.5K  WOT
test kit average 10g rollers = 5k  WOT
test kit average 8g rollers = 6k  WOT
test kit average 6.5g rollers = 6k  WOT <— interesting

I assume the RPM should have gone up with the 6.5, but maybe my machine is not running optimally (fuel/air?) or something else keeping it from going over 6k.  Pickup is noticeably stronger at 6k.

I also installed the new keyset.  Ignition was trivial, the glovebox was a pain to get to.  I can’t get the seat release to pull far enough yet;  might have to tweak the bracket.


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