Scoot is inspected and registered

 photo 2016-04-28tags_zpsdodvikfc.jpg

The stator scenario took time due to shipping but the overall project cost has quite low:  $200 for the machine and ~$34 for lights, belt, and rollers.  The stator and puller together were $30 and would have cost less if I’d waited on the (literal) slow boat from China.

I also spent about $22 in fluid changes and fuel/vacuum line upgrades.

I am hearing mixed feedback on the “upgraded” fan so I will take some temp readings and put the OEM fan back on this weekend.  Also will try out some different variator roller weights to see what would get the scoot to hold RPM at 6.5-7k:
 photo 20160501_115431_zpscaxhc6ph.jpg

This is a testing setup with three of each size.  The variator holds 6 so you use 3 light and 3 heavy in various combos to test every effective weight.  When that is done you order all 6 rollers (or sliders) in the correct weight;  the test rollers are made only for light duty and not intended to stay installed.



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