SH34 NB @ SH276: drivers cross double yellow

I got tired of dodging vehicles that were, in effect, driving the wrong way in the left turn lane at this location.  The center turn lane is doublestriped to keep SB traffic out while NB traffic queues up to turn WB on SH276.

So Friday after arriving at work I pulled the most recent example, annotated it, and posted it to YouTube:

I emailed the TxDOT boss for Greenville to give him a head’s up a sign or something might be needed for driver awareness.  Maybe it’s really an enforcement thing for Sheriff Meeks, but we’ll find out.

I was completely unsurprised when it happened again Saturday morning:



You can see the end of the double stripe by the dualie’s front passenger-side tire.  Notice that it ends after the cutout for left-turning traffic to enter the turn lane.  The black truck in front of me wanted to turn left but had to avoid the dualie driving the wrong way in the left turn lane entrance.

Aaaaaaand again this morning:


See a pattern?  That’s three days in a row for those keeping track.

The scary thing is I am in that area only for a few seconds each commuting day.  So how often does this happen throughout the day?


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