same rules for everyone

[Las Vegas] Officer Eugen Holm retired yesterday in lieu of being fired. This was confirmed by an internal affairs investigator this morning.

Officer Holm was facing Internal Affairs charges for: (1) Not reporting an accident (Metro Policy Manual 5/103.29), (2) Wrongful interaction with the public (for being discourteous and rude, Metro Policy Manual 4/102.12), and (3) Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (intimidation, Civil Service Rule 510-2). All charges were “SUSTAINED”.

Anyone can have a wreck.  That’s not the issue.

The issue is hitting someone then not checking to see if they are ok.  And then badge-and-gun backed bullying them even though you were at fault.

If an open carrying citizen rear-ended a bike cop and started getting aggressive like that there’d likely be some “feared for my life” and one dead citizen.

I suggest that there was very little Service or Protection going on for the citizen’s tax dollars.




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