Scooter back on track

Last time I posted (3 weeks ago?!?!?!) I needed to install headlights to get the little machine inspected and thus registered.

In which I test the headlights

I got the headlights in and installed them but couldn’t test as I’d lost the sole key.  😦  Eventually I realized I could pull the ignition switch out and hotwire it to run the bike and test the lights.

That worked and the lights were fine.  So I headed off toward Emory for inspected/registered.

In which I test my cellphone signal

I was having a glorious ride when <<silence>>.  The absence of noise is not good on a motor vehicle.

I couldn’t get it restarted and didn’t have my emergency kit with me (hand tools, common spares) so I called Dad who was a trooper and came to pick me up.

In which I test my ignition system

At first I suspected the CDI;  it’s a fairly common point of failure.  After some fumbling with the multimeter I figured out that the stator ouput was quite low.  Luckily stators are cheap ($15-$25 shipped) and widely available for Chinascoots.

In which I try to buy a stator

Chinese scooters have their virtues but manufacturer documentation is not one of them.  There are several different stator configurations and the only way to know for sure which one you have is to look at it.

This requires pulling the flywheel.  Which requires a flywheel puller.  Luckily the pullers are  simple and cheap ($10 shipped):
 photo puller_zpsj03fsxta.jpg
Once the puller came in  I pulled the flywheel and could identify the stator as an 8 coil, 5 wire, half-wave unit.  Awesome.  I bought one off eBay.

Somewhat less awesome is that it came in with an unattached wire (the white one):

 photo 20160422_231125_zpsziszg4so.jpg
The seller agreed the condition of the stator made it unlikely to perform well.  They shipped another stator which came in fine, but each one of these shipments takes time.  Hence the 3 week delay.

Here is the correct stator wiring setup on the good replacement:

 photo 20160427_212617_zpsrazbxyfc.jpg

In which I install the stator after a long, crappy day

So I have the part and  it’s my weekend, so why not install it?

Because some random dude’s lawyer decided I should be subpoenaed to be a witness about an auto accident I did not witness.  And I had already told them beforehand I had no personal knowledge about the accident.  So I spent the day at the Dallas County criminal court for no reason.  Yay.  I guess I was a pawn in their game but I didn’t enjoy getting roped into it when I had nothing to add to the discussion.  Pointless and annoying. <– maybe that’s the name of their law firm!

After that all-day fiasco I came home and got the new stator slapped on.   While I was in there I put a (theoretically) upgraded fan in it. Didn’t weigh it but it is lighter and the vanes appear to be more aggressive. [Edited to add:  the shipping info shows the new fan as 2.4oz and the OEM as 3.2oz.  That feels about right.]

A cleaner and better overall design I think.  And in Texas heat any extra moving air across the engine will be welcome:

I’ve got some errands to do but I still might get it inspected and registered this weekend.




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