scooter setback[s]

Two setbacks in this little adventure that have pushed my inspection/registration back another week.


This machine uses HS1 35/35w bulbs (same wattage lowbeam/highbeam) but the more-common H4 bulbs are backwards compatible if they are 35/35w. I couldn’t find any HS1 or any low-wattage H4 at auto parts stores or Wally World. The HS1 and apprpriate H4 are available online from Amazon and elsewhere but won’t arrive until tomorrow when my 4×10 workweek has started again.


I hadn’t ordered them before because I didn’t know if the bulbs were blown or if it was something else (switch? wiring?). I took the front cowl off yesterday and tested the power to the bulbs; good, and not overvolted. I pulled the bulbs and the filaments were broken.

While I was in there I checked the existing rectifier/regulator against a new spare I bought. Both gave the same output at idle and when revved so I think the OEM is still good. I left it in place.


I had tried calling around to check for the HS1/H4 bulbs but had more faith in my own eyeballs looking at the shelves. So I went on a little errand trip to a couple of nearby towns.

At some point in that trip I lost the scooter key. 😦 I think I had it loose in my pocket and it got tangled up with something I pulled out. I ordered a replacement lockset ($25) and they are supposed to be easy to install but it’s still frustrating.


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