a longer test run

Today I put fresh gas in the Chinascoot (gas gauge works, yay!) and took it out for a backroad run of a few miles.  Some smooth oiltop, some rougher oiltop, some dirt, some gravel.  The gravel wasn’t as much fun.

It was a good ride.  The odometer worked.  When I was trundling around slowly with neutral throttle at 15-20mph the revs dropped down to around 2500.  Under max load it it was 4500-5000.  I liked the CVT’s adjustments and may just leave it there.

I got it up to an indicated 55mph.  The variator must have been topped out because rpm finally climbed to 6000 at that top speed.  I could get a little more in that straight but just after 55mph the chassis started to feel unsettled/squirrely so I backed down.  It could have been the uneven road surface but I didn’t want to go any faster.

The tires on this thing are kind of a sporty low-profile look.  It makes for odd feedback on cambered surfaces.  When I replace the tires I might go for a more traditional round tire profile.  I had a similar issue on my street bike;  the OEM rear had a shape that made the bike want to “fall in” on cambers/turns.  When I replaced the rear with a Continental Motion that tendency went away completely.

Working on headlights tomorrow. Bulbs just cheap and blown?  Voltage too high due to failing R/R?  I think headlights are the only thing left before inspection and registration.


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