first test ride of the gy6

I was sick today and came home early.  The sliders (variator weights) had come in the mail but I was in no condition to mess with it.  Drank a boatload of water, slept several hours  and started feeling human again around 11pm.

So where are those CVT parts?  🙂

I got the sliders in 13g because the stock rollers were 13g. Since I hear you are supposed to go up +1g with sliders I figured it would be an incremental net lightening.

I dropped the generic eBay weights (“ForExtreme”, $14 shipped) into the cleaned-up variator.

Put some air in the tires, cranked it up on whatever gas was still in the tank from god-knows-when the P.O. put it there. 🙂 and took it for the first test ride.

Motor seems seems strong and willing. I’ve never ridden a 150cc scoot before and the acceration was surprising. Idle is too low. Ran it up to indicated 50mph which I figured was a reasonable cruising speed.  Turned it around and parked for the night.

CVT is smooth and holds a steady indicated 4k rpm on the dash tach under load and readjusts appropriately at neutral throttle and decel. The wikipedia page suggests the max HP is at 7k so if the tach is correct there is plenty of headroom. I’ll leave slider weight where it is while I learn how the rescued beast likes to run. After that it sounds like I could lighten them up. I’m not chasing performance though.  It’s for around the village and bopping around.



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