Some promising damage

Changed engine oil and tranny oil. Nothing scary in the oil screen.

Pulled the CVT cover and was delighted to see some spectacular debris:
 photo 20160329_001655_zpslzglnjn4.jpg
… an imploded drive belt. This could be Good News if that’s why “it quit working”.

I’d never seen one in person that had come apart; holy crap. Looked like a bomb went off in there. Luckily I already had a replacement Gates on order and it will be here in a couple days. The NGK plug and fuel/vacuum lines are in so I’ll pull the plastics tomorrow and replace those. Will also set the valves tomorrow.

The battery was charged by this morning but appears to be very weak — no surprise there. The signals / markers/ brakelights/horn work but no headlights. Dunno if they are burned from overvoltage or if a fuse/switch is dead. The weak battery will activate the starter but it doesn’t have enough oomph to turn the motor. I can move the motor by hand so it’s not seized.


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