Pi & cheapo Etekcity wifi usb

I’d been having problems with a Etekcity 5R2 wifi dongle, probably due to iffy support for the RTL8188CUS chip inside:


The most recent place I tried to use it was in the older Raspberry Pi B+ I have.

As before, the connection was intermittent.   I could keep it stable by backing my router down to 802.11b but that hamstrung other devices.

Then I ran across this tip:

options 8192cu rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0

and this tip:

blacklist rtl8192cu

As I said the connection was terrible so I used mosh to simulate a functional ssh login and make these changes.  🙂

Rebooted the pi and the wireless is stable.

Who cares about problems with a discontinued wifi dongle?

You do, because the pi-beloved Edimax 7811-un uses that same chip.   Hopefully this will help some other frustrated linuxy user.


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