$12 thrift montitor = fire stick

I’ve been messing with the RasPi devices lately and wanted something to plug them into using their native HDMI.  I’ve only got one HDMI-capable device in the house, the projector.

So I’d been sniffing around for a used monitor with HDMI inputs.  Thursday after the county commissioners court I wandered over to the thrift shop just SE of the courthouse.

Boo-yah, small monitor with a truckload of inputs for $12:
 photo 20160225_122515_zpsow9kkt6v.jpg

Yes, please!

Took it home and played with the Pi for a bit.  Then remembered I had bought an Amazon Fire Stick for $19 during the pre-launch sale for Amazon Prime members.   The Stick goes in the HDMI port.

The stick updated and rebooted.  I’d already installed Plex which does the media lifting around my place.  The device is definitely Amazon-centric but lets you set favorite apps like Plex.

I’m going to leave this monitor+stick combo on top of the fridge to listen to shows while I work in the kitchen.


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