Picasa: why, Google, why?

Google is determined to kill useful tools in their desire to control and Apple-fy their ecosystem.

Here’s the latest abomination:  Google is shutting down Picasa in favor of Photos

Allow me to demonstrate the Win that is picasa photo sharing and the Lose that is Google photos sharing.  Here is Picasaweb’s perfectly useful sharing dialog:


The user has control:  show the pic isolated or in an album context, direct link the image, control the size of the thumbnail.  Good stuff, Maynard.

Now here’s the “we know what’s best for you” Google Photos approach.  You click on the photo in an album to get it isolate.  Click share. You get this promising popup:


Get Link is the ticket, right?  You’d think so.  Let’s try that:



Hmmm.  No option to share the photo itself.  It’s a shared album.

But maybe that COPY link function pulls up the isolated pic where we can at least copy the URL manually?  Nope.  It leads to the album view you see in the background of the pic directly above.

As far as I can tell the useful Picasa sharing options are simply not available in Google Photos.

A cynical person would say that Google is deleting functionality to drive more people to Google Plus.  A non-cynical person would say the same thing.



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