Beginner steps: X1 no worky

I picked up a Syma X1 mini-quad a few months ago while the v929 was down for repairs.

The frisbee-sized mini quads like these are suitable for indoor flying and more stable than the hand-sized micro quads like the aforementioned H8.  The 929 still needs help but that’s a little ways down the road… those surface mount parts are too small for me to work with at my skill level.

A buddy was flying the Z1 and brought it over noting one prop was inop.  Spun freely, so could be a smoked motor, bad solder joint, bad MOSFET (tiny! boo!) or board (relatively expensive! boo!)

There was a plastic cover protecting the board.  Pulled that off and noticed that the dead prop’s motor had a bad connection at the board:



…probably from the shock of a wall strike or something.  Resoldered it and she flies fine again.  This is great news because replacement motors were sold out (banggood).

Simple stuff, but rewarding. And keeps stuff out of the trash.