beginner steps: electronic repair

I bought a couple of Eachine H8 mini quads to fly in the house.  Less than $15 shipped from Banggood (mainland China).  Takes a couple weeks to get here but the price is great and they carry the replacement parts.  Banggood and Aliexpress are where RC modelers (and others) get non-fancy electronic gear fer cheep.  Here’s the little critter in question:

Eachine H8They are hilarious to fly but sensitive to abuse.  It you keep giving the motor the juice when the prop is bound for various reasons:

  • flew the quad into something.  If the prop has damage the motor was probably hurt.
  • quad stuck under something or upside-down
  • something wrapped around prop shaft (hair, fuzz, lint, string)

the motor can burn out.  So don’t do that.

Luckily, the tiny motors are available singly or in a four-pack.  I just get the four-pack since transit is slow and it’s good to have extras handy.  Replacement props are also cheap but I think I’ve only replaced one.  Forum wisdom suggested most dings can be smoothed/removed with a nail file — it works quite well.

The wires on those motors are the smallest I have soldered.  It required the magnifying glass on one of those helping hands things I also got from BG.

Still it was fun to get the quads back in the air for $2 each.  🙂

I’ve got a larger quad that smoked the MOSFET speed control chip to one motor so that’s next.  But it’s a tiny surface mount item that is so small you could probably put 20 of them on your thumbnail.  :-\  I ordered the chips off eBay and they came in a strip like you would feed to an automatic board maker.