Independence day crypto celebration

In appreciation for our forebears’ rebellion against writs of assistance (a form of general, non-expiring warrant), here is how to build VeraCrypt from scratch. This is free software you can use to encrypt a partition (or file container) on your linux box.

# install some dependencies
sudo apt-get install build-essential makeself libwxgtk3.0-dev nasm git

# now make a directory somewhere to hold software you are going to compile
# and cd into it. Using git in your home dir for this example
mkdir ~/git
cd git

# grab that open source goodness
git clone

# roll your own

cd VeraCrypt/src
nice make
# if it “makes” without blowing up continue on to the “success” bit below
# WARNINGS are ok. ERRORS are fatal. Start googling!

# success

Enjoy in good health and liberty.



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