Productive spring weekend


Got to spend some time with Epic Girlfriend Denise. Burned two small brushpiles, dragging them onto the last remnants of that giant mulberry stump.
Visited with Dad and Joseph; they stopped by to drop off a t-post driver (see Thursday).

The larger logs around the fire burned late into the night. I may have dragged out a lawn chair and drank a cold Schlitz by the fire. The night was chilly enough to be just right:

What is it about sitting around fires? Something elemental, primordial.


I needed to do two things: mow the grass and burn the larger pile of brush out back. Normally I do the front yard and ditches before heading out back, but this time I started in the back. I mowed a fire break around the brush pile, sparked it off, then mowed the rest of the back field. Every time I made a circuit around I’d restack the fire. There was enough brushy stuff that it didn’t compact enough over the last year to burn cleanly by itself.

Here it is about 75% burned down:

There is still some left today. I could have restacked and burned but I had to do something else…



Built a little run onto the coop today. Maybe 8’x15′, covered with bird netting. I plan on moving/reconfiguring the run around as they destroy enjoy the fresh grass.

This pic was taken in the first few minutes of the run being available to them:

I moved the naked necks outdoors into the run for a while before I opened the coop door. Then the ‘necks ran in (and off camera) and the barred rock and modern game bantams ran out. Everybody stayed near the comfort of the door for a while, then ended up flying, flopping, and scratching over the entire run. They really seemed to open up. One of the young game cockerels tried to mount a pullet (and another cockerel), and another game acted like he was trying to crow. It sounded like someone whispering although he had the pose correct.

At dusk everyone ran back into the chainlink coop unprompted. I locked them in and told them Good-night.


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