Hatchlings at Day 10, chicken cam

 photo 20150415_093435_zpshkcrsh2a.jpg

All the hatchlings are in good health.  Three are definitely frizzles;  you can see the out-turned feathers on the black one at top center.

The older birds have been living outside successfully for a few days and the turkens have taken over the growth pen in the utility room.  They are really interesting for young birds:  they run really fast and are incredibly observant.  They remind me of friendlier guineas at this point.

Chicken cam

camNot a great shot, but you can see the blue tarp over the chainlnk enclosure.  Basically I wanted to see if cats and dogs were stalking the birds while I was at work.

I didn’t want to spend any $$$ on the hardware so I found an old webcam, put it in the window and plugged it into the USB of the Plex server.  Good enough for what I want to do.


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