Success: incubation tally


11 chicks hatched out.  The last one (“Sticks”, according to Denise) started about 36hrs late and took another 24hrs to break out.  She seems fine, though.

In the pic below she’s the one have a close-distance staring contest with the wall so maybe she’s a little special after all.  🙂

 photo 20150402_123247_zpsmpyuzzr5.jpg

Modern Game / BPR

The eldest birds 4 weeks old at this point.  I’ve been getting the kennel coop barebones ready:  covered with tarp, wrapped in chicken wire, crude roosts, and suspended water/feed.

They went for a field trip today:
 photo 20150402_181628_zps1fxzpuwt.jpg

Here’s some close up chickeny dirt action:




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