Impending pips: incubation day 20.5

Chicks generally start the hatching process on the 21st day of incubation;  this would be (tomorrow) Monday morning.

There is no sign of early “pips” (ie, first breach in the shell) which is probably a good sign.  Incubations that run too hot tend to hatch early so I was worried about that due to the temp spike I talked about earlier.

I’m a little surprised how much water the ‘bator is using to stay in teh 70-75% humidity range.  I’m having to add 10oz of water 2x/day.  Luckily I drilled a hole for food-grade tubing and inject the water through that.  When the birds start to hatch the humidity will naturally increase as they air-dry.  So I may not have to add as much water to the ‘bator.


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