Lockdown: incubation day 18


Today was Day 18 in the incubator so I sealed the vents, added a water source, and began The Long Wait.  I sure would like to get a healthy chick out of the batch.  The viewport is steamy as expected when the internal humidity is >=70%

 photo 20150327_084547_zpsd2ftphug.jpg

Modern game

The modern game birds and their barred rock “peanuts” have been moved to a larger brooder. I couldn’t find any big cardboard boxes so I rigged up a tarp in the utility room:
 photo 20150326_180033_zpstjpjmfzu.jpg
It seems to work well.

Naked Necks

I had been reading about Transylvanian naked neck chickens (so-called “turkens”) with interest over the past couple of years.  They are hardy in heat, lay decently, and have good meat.  Sounds like a Texas chicken to me.  People say they are ugly but I think buzzards are pretty birds so what do I know?

A fellow in Wills Point breeds them.  The 100% naked necks are black, I think.  The light colored ones here are crosses.


 photo 20150326_175856_zpsgtnzmmqn.jpg

They have a lot of personality already, very curious and watchful.

Chicken math

For those of you following along, how many chickens will this actually make in total?  Depends on how many males there are.

  • 12 game birds / 2 = 6 likely pullets with small eggs
  • 7 barred rock peanuts.  The hatchery intended these to be all male but one is promisingly dark with smaller comb.  = 1 likely pullet
  • 10 naked necks / 2 = 5 likely pullets
  • 12 assorted eggs in incubator.  Guessing two may survive the hatch / 2 = 1 likely pullet.  Yes, I know I am literally counting my chickens before they hatch.

So the likely total will be 13 pullets with 6 or 7 laying normal eggs and the others mainly decorative.   Maybe keep one standard cockerel and one bantam cockerel.


We shall see.  The chainlink kennel-based roosting area is nearly complete.  I need another day or so with that and then I can keep the young birds in it.  By the time I get the run put up they’ll be ready to run around a bit.





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