Incubator woes, truck woes

Yesterday was a little rough.

Incubating eggs

Got up for work and the incubator had spiked to 104F in the area closest to the heat source.    I am worried that the embryos in that area have died.  I don’t see any obvious movement in those anymore.  😦  There are some in the batch that are moving but the damage is likely done.  I will be happy if I get any viable chicks from this hatch at all.

My guesses about the spike:

  • I was running two small CPU fans since that’s what I had.  I believe the airflow was insufficient for even temps.  This was acceptable until something else (below) increased the overall heat level.  Note:  I ordered a 200mm 110v PC fan the day I built the ‘bator but it had not come in by the time of the overheat.
  • I had an idea that I could even out temp fluctuations by running one always-on 15w bulb and one switched 25w bulb.  The changes were quite smooth but the 15w bulb exacerbated the spike.
  • Something added heat
    • Ambient temperatures increased a bit.
    • Apparently eggs begin to generate heat as they develop.

I pulled the 15w always-on bulb and am now running a single 60w switched bulb.  The temp swing is wider now in that it has a deeper “trough”.  This should allow more room for ambient and generated temp increases.

The 200mm fan came in yesterday while I was at work and I installed it last night – 12 hours too late.  There is a significant increase in circulation and decrease in temperature variability in the ‘bator.


I think I hit a pothole in the last couple of weeks that knocked the front end of the truck out of whack.  My tires were already worn out and this finished off the front ones.  I had it aligned in Greenville (the alignment mech at ETW no longer works there).  Bought a set of four which isn’t all bad.  I have inspection coming up this month anyhow.


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