Chicks: day 7

The birds are all fine, including the one with the previously-injured leg.  She’s a little smaller than the others due to the rough start but otherwise not identifiable.



The black “packing peanut” chicks are starting to show barring on their emerging wing feathers. It’s hard to tell in these pics but easier to see in real life:
 photo 20150310_105039_zps1ktkfpag.jpg
Hopefully this means they are barred plymouth rock, and I’m hoping for at least one pullet from them.


Got the incubator assembled and tested last night:

I’m happy with it so far.

Got a call from the USPS this morning saying to come down and get my eBay eggs.  Signed for them, marked them with a #2 pencil and popped them in the ‘bator:
 photo 20150310_141901_zpsn6varwdp.jpg
Hoping to get 2-3 hatched out of this maiden voyage with roughly transported eggs.
/biting fingernails


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