Friday update

Down with the sickness

Went home sick halfway through the day today.  Blech.  Slept for several hours and have been slamming water since I got up.  Still feel a quart low.  I’ll stay up for now and go back to bed at my normal time.  Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow.

Since I was up but still sickly I folded clothes. Noticed my already-patched jeans were starting to pull apart at the rivets (4 in total). I backed the area with denim from a dead pair of jeans which I’d made into shorts before I started repairing stuff. Ran stitching in the area around the rivet. I hope the patch backside will make the area strong enough:

 photo 20150306_211838_zpscaspfe1n.jpg


The chooks are doing fine.   I replaced the splint on the injured bird and got a clearer pic:
 photo 20150305_151815_zpsuzbsikxw.jpg
I didn’t catch that this story was on a page I put down for the birds. Sorry, dad! 🙂 Looks like the little one is reading the article:
 photo 20150306_084930_zpszhkojka3.jpg

Snow day

Took a couple of pics and I think I forgot to post them:

 photo 20150305_070354_zpsdquikgl8.jpg

Sookie losing her mind as usual:
 photo 20150305_070336_zpsuq3ajzv9.jpg


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