early birds

As I mentioned previously, these birds came in a day early.

They were crazy, healthy chicks. I could hear them peeping from the back of the post office when I went to go get them.

They came in like this:
 photo 20150304_135946_zpsvarhnlpk.jpg

and looked like this when opened:

 photo 20150304_140018_zpszautpicj.jpg

Got them into the warm brooder ASAP:
 photo 20150304_144750_zpso8j1yebp.jpg

There are a dozen straight-run modern game birds and four seven “peanuts” (named after packing peanuts). They are extra males who fill out the box and provide heat for the birds one actually ordered. They look like black sex-link (“black star”) males to me but someone else may know for certain. ┬áBlack stars are a RIR over BR hybrid, and do not breed true.

They are drinking out of a water bottle. I will be using water nipples for them when they move out so I wanted them to get used to reaching up for water.

After a while of watching them I noticed one wasn’t standing much. I moved her around a bit and she kept sitting down and favoring one leg when she stands. It looks like a halfway spraddle injury on one leg. I splinted/banded her legs together with a bandaid (as in the link above) and she stands pretty good now. Falls over a lot while walking but so would you if your legs were connected together. I hope she makes it.

Here’s a terrible pic of her bandaid splint. It was tough to splint her solo and tougher to get a pic of the wiggly cheeper. Basically the legs are held under the body at the width of the band-aid pad:

 photo 20150304_145437_zpspgktpwyi.jpg


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