Chickens 2015

I am taking a different approach to the coop this year, hopefully with better results.

I’ve been searching craigslist for a used chain-link dog kennel/run.  A new 10’x10’x6′ is $200 on sale at TSC but I wanted to spend less.  Finally found an 8’x8’x6′ on craigslist for half the price and I think that will do as a base for the new coop:


(doghouse not included)

Took it down on-site in 40F rain a couple weeks back;  this was not as much fun as it sounds.

My plan is to put it behind the house and move it to fresh pasture from time to time.  They can be under the mulberry shade in the summer and in the sun when it is not as hot.  Temporary/lightweight run attached to the front so they can roam on my “weekends” and stay in the pen when I work.

Been too wet and rainy to reassemble it, but I won’t need it for another 3 weeks or so.


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