Weekend Edition

Got some work done this ‘weekend’.


I recently bought a Transformer-style ladder and put it to use washing some windows.  Yes, the sill needs to be painted.

 photo 20150212_121724_zpsl4pxsdr2.jpg
I unfolded it all the way and used it to clean out the gutters.  Don’t know how long they’ve been full but about 75% of it was a beautifully composted earth that I could probably sell as potting soil.  Amazing.


Did a bit of chainsaw work on the interior of the east fence and got most of that dragged off.  One more day on the east side, I think.  Ordered a new Oregon chain for the saw;  my resharpening isn’t much help after I knocked the tips off the chain.  😦


Also needed to do more repair on a pair of jeans.  Another place wore through.   I struggled last time because it was hard to get to.  I threatened to split the jeans at the seam, make the repair with plenty of working room, then restitch the seam.  This seemed like an excellent way for me to ruin a pair of jeans….

I got a seam ripper and it opened that seam up with great ease.  Really a good design, particularly for $2:
 photo 20150212_155545_zps5xorbygk.jpg
It was night/day working on the patched area with the leg opened up.

But then The Pheer — putting the seam back together in a way that would not inspire onlooker laughter and/or pointing.  I turned the leg inside out, ironed the seams flat, pinned them together as well as I could and sewed that sucker back up.

Turned it back out and I’d say the seam will pass casual inspection.

 photo 20150212_161757_zpse7xuxfw9.jpg
Obviously anyone who know what they’re doing will catch it’s been inelegantly re-sewn but that’s not my target demographic.



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