(Spain) hen nesting in trees with hatchlings

I took a screenshot from a Youtube video:




The chicks hop-flew from branch to branch to get up there with her.  I knew wild chickens roosted in trees but I hadn’t thought through how the chicks would deal with it.

There was also a delightful comment:  “I lives most my childrenhood onPeruvian jungle and I can see this lovely experiencies. They sleep over trees.”


east fenceline cleaned up

Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Baked a pound of Aldi bacon that came out as you see here:

 photo 20150219_110219_zpsew4rovwc.jpg

Put the new chain on the saw and finished cleaning up the east fenceline interior (exterior was done previously:
 photo 20150219_130114_zpsb7tkhtn7.jpg

I cleaned up about 40% of the south fenceline:
 photo 20150219_130154_zpslk3nkf69.jpg
including a rather spectacular battle with an immense briar patch.

I stopped when I started getting sloppy. Could’ve stopped a bit earlier; I got inattentive and made a turn into a patch I knew was wet:

 photo 20150219_125854_zpsiy1wnunh.jpg

I woke up the Happy Orange Tractor and she made short work of it even with the truck in “dead weight” mode.

Mending: canvas shorts

My old duck/canvas shorts are separating at the leg.  Unraveling and the bottom line has lost a good chunk of material:
 photo 20150211_231050_zpsbtfan7ch.jpg
I found a light-colored pair of scrubs at the goodwill; yellow tags were half off. So I looked through the “generously proportioned” section until I found the biggest pair for the cheapest. More material, ya know. 🙂

I used an existing hemmed section of the scrubs to rebuild/reinforce the bottom of the shorts. It looked like this on the inside:

 photo 20150211_233855_zps0wtz4oo0.jpg

The result is good enough for my purposes:
 photo 20150211_233926_zpsfiwpjj6c.jpg