patch tuesday: hilariously bad repair

Microsoft has a thing called Patch Tuesday where they release software patches regularly.  My own patch activity was a bit different and a good deal less professional.

I have an old robe whose belt was falling apart in two places.  The first place was an 98% tear;  only a couple of threads holding the bits together.  So I figured I’d sacrifice a bit of length, overlap them and run a couple zigzags across.  It didn’t go well.

 photo 20150127_110051_zpsrtmehksz.jpg


First, I tried to do it in the direction shown rather than along the long axis;  durrr.  Then I smashed my thumb with the clamp/screw that holds the needle in place.  Arghhh!  So the ends got out of whack immediately and I ended up with this offset.  Made me laugh enough that I decided to keep it.

I did a little better on the smaller repair.  The belt was torn about halfway through.  I backed it with a piece of denim I had around (trimmed to eliminate where Sookie had chewed on it) and sewed that down.
 photo 20150127_110103_zpsq9k3zauw.jpg
I’ve got a pair of jeans with a knee rip I’m going to try to patch next.   I should sell tickets for the train wreck….


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