Day off 4 of 4

It was a great day to work outside;  cold and clear but little wind.  Made more progress though not as much as I would have liked.
 photo 20150105_161622_zpsoxy6gjml.jpg
I got the fenceline largely cleaned out except the larger (~4″) scrub trees in the NE corner. I did take out two in the corner and the one that used to stand out in the field a bit. The latter one always bugged me…

It was slower going than I realized because the small trees in the fenceline had a ton of horizontally-jutting branches sprouting directly from the “trunk”. These branches were scrubby and tough enough that they limited my ability to get safely to the trees with the chainsaw. So I made a pass through first with pruners and cut off the stuff that was in the way. Then back through with the saw.

Tomorrow I’ll work on the NE corner and hopefully start the inside of the east fenceline (1st).
 photo 20150105_161615_zps3isg0mrr.jpg

I’ve been a little confused about how to handle masses of briars.  One of those giant propane wands would be satisfying but perhaps not most efficient.  After trying a few things since I moved here I got around to hedge trimmers today.  “Urethra!” I shouted, perhaps remembering my Greek history inexactly.

Worked really well.  The fenceline is on the right and the separated mass of briar has been moved to the left.  It basically hung together for easy maneuvering.  The brown path in the middle of the pic is where the briars were living before I evicted them. Special thanks to Fiskars for their assistance in this matter.

 photo 20150105_161921_zpsnd9mnytm.jpg

I tossed the scrub and small branches onto the ever-increasing burn pile. The log here was the largest to be removed from the utility trim. Punkin’ didn’t care one way or another and dragged the log across the wet field without strain. She may have rolled her eyes — petulant tractor.

Came back for the larger-diameter limbs and treelets, dragging them behind the house for cutting into fireplace size.
 photo 20150105_164824_zps8ekmsudh.jpg
I was beat by the end of it. Poured a Schlitz as a reward then took a hot shower.

Life is good.


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