Day off 2 of 4

 photo 20150103_163906_zpscmf3swrq.jpg
I took four days off to relax and recover. I had it planned even before I got sick last week, so now I really need it.

Mainly I wanted to get some outside work done. The recent welcome rains have slowed my progress a bit but that’s ok. Here’s some stuff I got to cross off the list so far:

  • sharpen chainsaw – I used a Husqvarna file kit for my low-rise 3/8″ pitch Poulan.  Didn’t know how I did until this morning when I put it to use.  A noticeable difference.
  • clear the saplings by the phone pole (in the background of the pic to the right) – those have been taunting me.  Finally got them cut down with the freshly-sharpened chain.
  • get the truck stuck in the field – ok, this wasn’t a goal but it did happen.  Apparently I was overly optimistic about my ability to get a 2wd truck up there to haul the cut brush away.  Little Orange Tractor to the rescue.
  • picked up litter out of ditches – Sookie accompanied me on this chore so it took about 2x as long as it would have otherwise.

There are two things I’d like to finish this week:  move the logs the power folks cut and left by that pole, and clean up the interior of the fenceline.  Since it’s sloppy I might just walk the latter and leave the limbs down until I can get the truck in there.  Also would like to inspect the chicken coop to see where I failed them before.


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