patch tuesday: hilariously bad repair

Microsoft has a thing called Patch Tuesday where they release software patches regularly.  My own patch activity was a bit different and a good deal less professional.

I have an old robe whose belt was falling apart in two places.  The first place was an 98% tear;  only a couple of threads holding the bits together.  So I figured I’d sacrifice a bit of length, overlap them and run a couple zigzags across.  It didn’t go well.

 photo 20150127_110051_zpsrtmehksz.jpg


First, I tried to do it in the direction shown rather than along the long axis;  durrr.  Then I smashed my thumb with the clamp/screw that holds the needle in place.  Arghhh!  So the ends got out of whack immediately and I ended up with this offset.  Made me laugh enough that I decided to keep it.

I did a little better on the smaller repair.  The belt was torn about halfway through.  I backed it with a piece of denim I had around (trimmed to eliminate where Sookie had chewed on it) and sewed that down.
 photo 20150127_110103_zpsq9k3zauw.jpg
I’ve got a pair of jeans with a knee rip I’m going to try to patch next.   I should sell tickets for the train wreck….



The bike’s gopro (actually a $100 chinese unit) caught this nifity pothole on the way to work this AM.

IH30 WB @ Belt Line in Garland.  I reported it with the pic.   You can click for greater resolution.



to the corner…

Awwwww yihhh.  To the corner, y’all.  And a couple feet up the east side just so I could say I did.  Today I did better with dropping things were I wanted them to land.  I don’t need any more of that thorn tree on the back action.

Picking them up a bit helped smooth out the drag.  Nothing to catch or trench the ground.

Some smaller stuff will get thrown in the back of the truck tomorrow then I’ll start working down the east side.


Day off 3 of 4

 photo 20150104_163512_zpszdvuvs4u.jpg
I took advantage of the soft, truck-eating ground and dug around the remains of the mulberry stump.   There is one rounded spot about 4″ high so I dug around it and exposed the subsurface roots.   I’ll make another fire there and I think that will do the trick.

[digression: the ground was soft enough it made me think I should pull the fence poles while the getting’s good.  Some appear to have rusted and broken off near ground level and I’m not sure what to do about that.  Might make a test pull tomorrow and see what happens.]

 photo 20150104_164039_zps9xhgqbmm.jpgBack to the fire:  the logs placed around the burn area came from the corner by the utility pole. Some were probably liftable but 1) I couldn’t get the truck up in there yet, and 2) the tractor’s spine is in better shape than mine is.

That corner still looks like a tornado hit it but still represents a massive improvement. All the brown area in the pic was covered with 1″ saplings, the aforementioned logs, barbed wire, etc. My goal for tomorrow is to get that cleaned up and start cleaning up the adjacent fenceline (ie, from that corner to first). There are some 4″ saplings in there that will have to be cut out so if I can get to 1st that’s good enough for me.

 photo 20150104_164151_zpslxtwsrmu.jpg
Something else (other than a white Ranger) was found in the mud by the fenceline: a sweet gum (?) tree branch.  This was unexepected because I haven’t seen any sweet gum on the property.   I stood there thinking and looked over at the neighboring property closest to that stretch of fence.  Aha!  It appears that the last windstorm blew the branch 65′ from their tree and over the fence.  🙂  Actually, I think I remember a tree trimming crew doing their cleanup after that storm and one of the crew likely tossed the branch.

Day off 2 of 4

 photo 20150103_163906_zpscmf3swrq.jpg
I took four days off to relax and recover. I had it planned even before I got sick last week, so now I really need it.

Mainly I wanted to get some outside work done. The recent welcome rains have slowed my progress a bit but that’s ok. Here’s some stuff I got to cross off the list so far:

  • sharpen chainsaw – I used a Husqvarna file kit for my low-rise 3/8″ pitch Poulan.  Didn’t know how I did until this morning when I put it to use.  A noticeable difference.
  • clear the saplings by the phone pole (in the background of the pic to the right) – those have been taunting me.  Finally got them cut down with the freshly-sharpened chain.
  • get the truck stuck in the field – ok, this wasn’t a goal but it did happen.  Apparently I was overly optimistic about my ability to get a 2wd truck up there to haul the cut brush away.  Little Orange Tractor to the rescue.
  • picked up litter out of ditches – Sookie accompanied me on this chore so it took about 2x as long as it would have otherwise.

There are two things I’d like to finish this week:  move the logs the power folks cut and left by that pole, and clean up the interior of the fenceline.  Since it’s sloppy I might just walk the latter and leave the limbs down until I can get the truck in there.  Also would like to inspect the chicken coop to see where I failed them before.