day off + no rain

day off + no rain = laundry blitzkrieg

I was down to no clean jeans and one pair of underoos.  I’m giving that thrift store washer (and line dryer) a workout today…


Other things happening:

  • buzzards on the corner of the property at FM514.   I assume an animal got hit and tossed up on the side of the ditch, but haven’t checked it out yet
  • picked up runoff debris in the ditches on 514.  More along 1st but haven’t made it that far.
  • Shhhhhh, Sookie is going to get a shower and toenail clipping.   Neither one of these activities are high on her wishlist.
  • turned off the heat and cracked the windows to let it air out a bit.  I really love a breeze running through the house, even if I have to wear a knit cap indoors
  • patched a needle-sized hole in my airbed.  There’s a kit to do it with but I’ve made a couple of successful patches with a dab of Shoe Goo on the underside of a square of duct tape.  The tape holds the Goo in place and down, and also reinforces that general area.  I should mention that the hole isn’t a puncture, but that the bed’s weak spot is on a plastic weld around the “coils”.
  • Got a Husky chainsaw file kit from Amazon;  will try my hand at it later tonight, I think



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