NC gets more love in Europe

The NC7nnx series bikes have been quite popular in Europe where people use motorcycles as daily transport.  I’ve still not seen another one on the road over here.


The UK Auto Trader gave the NC750x version their commuter bike of the year.

The 750 they show is an incremental change with a tiny increase in both HP and MPG.  I think torque (this engine’s shining attribute) remains the same.   It is also the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) model which, like some exotic cars, allows for paddle shifting (Manual) and also a computerized autoshift mode (Auto).

The DCT model is quite popular overseas;  I suspect this has to do with tighter urban commutes that would require constant manual shifting.  Over here most of the new hold-overs I saw were DCT.  I didn’t want that so I drove to Oklahoma to get a manual hold-over fer cheep.  I was mainly worried about the DCT’s reliability and cost to repair.

Having seen how well the DCT works for everyone on the forums I think I’d be happy either way.




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