Tipping, from Flattr to Bitcoin

It’s been about a decade since I owned any Windoze operating system, preferring to use open-source (and free) linux. Most linux software is also open source and free and supported by developers and contributors.

When I heard about Flattr I started using that to do monthly microDonations to projects, sites, and developers who were valuable to me. I wasn’t entirely happy that Flattr takes a 10% cut but they provided a useful infrastructure for supporting creators.  /grumbling a bit

Then at some point they stopped accepting paypal and relied on Eurocentric money exchanges.   Time to look for alternatives.

Dogecoin tips

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started out as a joke.  Then it was adopted by a loyal following who call themselves ‘Shibes’ and donate and tip generously.  It’s both socially delightful and technically amazing.

Bitcoin donations

Now more and more creators are putting their Bitcoin addresses up so people can contribute directly. Mine is 1PpwQaw66ty1Qt6Eg1w41DrEzgoD2zZFEt.  Bitcoin handles small transactions fine and the [voluntary] fee to miners who process the transactions and maintain the infrastructure is vanishingly small.  All the ones I’ve seen have been way under 1%.

And now Bitcoin tips

Even though Bitcoin microTransfers / tipping is quite simple  it is not overly accessible to the general public.  So when a Bit-tipping platform came out people went bananas (“B. A-N-A-N-A-S!”)

My take

IMO the great advantage of cryptocurrencies is their ability to trade directly between quasi-anonymous actors.  These direct transactions do not tie up funds in central locations that can suddenly fail (unintentionally or otherwise).  There is no cut taken, no Know Your Customer (KYC) federal snooping.

Keep it simple, folks.


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