Solved: lubuntu vs. x11vnc

I was having problems logging into my lubuntu boxes with VNC. Black screen with mouse pointer that moved. First I thought the video was wacky but I might be able to no-look log in at the screensaver. No joy.

Did some googling and it appears that VNC doesn’t play well with the Lubuntu default screensaver (light-locker).

I installed xscreensaver and went to delete light-locker but it wanted to delete lubuntu-desktop because of dependencies. I could install the vanilla lxde package[s] and delete lubuntu-desktop but I don’t want to do that until I’m sitting in from of the box on a day off.

I disabled light-locker (“Menu | Preferences | Light-locker settings | Enable Light-locker = OFF “) and set up xscreensaver. Works fine.


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