First purchase with Bitcoin

hashie-a250-b[Important update — Hashie has been exhibiting some truly bizarre behavior and is very likely not to be trusted]

I used the first payout from Eligius to buy 20GH of SHA256 hashing from Hashie.

They have been running a deal where you can claim a 10GH hash which will accrue BTC. The catch, if there is one, is that you can’t get a payout from it unless you eventually buy a miner from them. GAWminers has recently started giving out freebie 10GH hashes under similar restrictions.

Purchases are only done in BTC so I sent a bit less than $10 worth for a 20GH hash. That price is about half of GAW’s.

I also sent a small .0016 tip to open source project that accepts BTC. I will write about this later.


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