Weekend edition: omnibus

This was a good weekend.  Got a lot done.  And today is a half-day because I have a followup at the VA (hence this blog post).

  • Got two sessions of work in on the east fenceline.  I would have finished on Thursday but I was sickly and missed the CC and Point EDC meetings.  😦
  • Picked up bike from Dallas Honda.  The OEM Metzler Roadtex Z8 tire lost a strip of rubber.  There is some argument about whether it was road hazard or defective tire.  I took pics for Metzler and will follow up with them.  Replaced it with a Continental Motion which is a well-regarded commuting tire for the NC700X.
  • While I was in Dallas I picked up the Microcenter coupon freebie 32GB class 10 microSDHC card.  Woot!
  • Picked up a cheap power supply at Microcenter and got the “beast” machine back online.  It runs a Minecraft server, etc.  I am thinking about moving Plex there and maybe setting up a bitcoin P2Pool mining server on it.
  • Listed my perfectly-fine Moto G on eBay.  I bought this as a replacement for my beloved Note 2 that died about the time I moved to Point.  But it was too hard of an act to follow;  I was passionate about the Note 2 while the Moto G merely met my needs.  So…
  • I bought a used Note 2 off eBay for a pittance now that it is a couple generations old at this point.  The 32GB micro will live in the Note.  I still have the card from my old note but it now stores video for the bike’s “dashcam”.
  • Working on the beast reminded me how much l like Lubuntu.  Especially once I turned on the normal openbox rightclick menus.

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